Keep It Simple!

January 10, 2016

I get the mail and receive a copy of the Winter/Spring Park District Catalogue of Events for my small community. I thumb through four pages of adult fitness classes: Power Fit 45, Saturday Cardio Challenge, Pilates, hardCORE yoga, Gentle Yoga, Yoga Intensity, Vinyassa Yoga, Barre’ Yoga Fusion, Zumba, Cardio Kickboxing, Pump It!, Sculpt It!, Hit It P.O.W.E.R, etc. I’m exhausted from just reading the options, so I make myself a pot of tea, grab a legal pad, sit in my favorite spot and write at the top: KEEP IT SIMPLE!

—think small.

So…I write my 2016 goals:

  • I will eat more fruit and fish. I will read labels.
  • I will move more and sit less.
  • When I buy a can of vegetables, I will buy one for the local food pantry.
  • I will clean one room of my house per day.
  • I will be a better friend.

(Don’t limit yourself to the serious stuff)

  • I will take a short trip: the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame sounds right for 2016.
  • I will finally take a fun class, maybe flower arranging or butterfly gardening.
  • And I will write 1500 words a day on Angel Boy:Seth’s Story, but not beat myself up if I go for ice cream instead.

I take a break and drink my tea. I find I’m looking forward to 2016 instead of feeling guilty for not completing my goals of 2015. So, I challenge you—pick a few small goals, achieve success, keep it simple!

Happy New Year!


Annalisa Russo is published author and master storyteller based in Chicago, IL. In addition to writing with The Wild Rose Press, she has just released her fourth book: Angel Lost, Angel Found. You can read more about it at


3 thoughts on “Keep It Simple!

  1. I love your books, and I love the idea of thinking small. Life can get to be so overwhelming. The thought of sitting down with a cup of hot tea, and your book of course, is luxurious. A mini break in my hectic day. That small and simple step puts me back into the day, but with a better outlook and attitude. Keep the books coming!


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